As a reseller, I have spent the last 8 years looking for a hosted solution to offer my customers that is robust enough so that I can sleep at night not worrying about whether I am going to have complaints the next day about call quality or calls dropping from our customer base. In the past I have used many suppliers, however not one hosted provider has given me, as a reseller, exactly what I have been looking for. IP Wholesale is a breath of fresh air to be honest.

With other options on the market, pricing is often expensive and complex meaning that the ability to earn decent margins is tough. Every feature seems to be an extra cost, whether it be 50p per extension, an additional fraction of a penny on call charges or large development and set-up fees. IP Wholesale have made it simple and easy to understand and now I can earn far bigger margins than before.

The ordering portals are cumbersome and not user-friendly and everything seems to take a long time and is confusing. Branding marketing collateral and web portals is either not possible or comes with a fee. With IP Wholesale nothing is too much trouble and they seem to really understand what resellers need.

Managing Director
UK Reseller, (London)

What I like about IP Wholesale is that nothing is too much trouble and they always will go that extra mile to help me and my customers. All too often in our industry the support from the network carrier becomes a long winded affair. IP Wholesale provides us with a simple to use management portal where I can set up a phone system and scan in serial numbers of handsets quickly with no hassle. The Customer can have a working phone system the same afternoon assuming connectivity is in place.


I moved to IP Wholesale because I have worked with some of the team before and I know they know what they are talking about. The pricing I get from IP Wholesale is simple so I know what I am buying at and also the features and benefits that IP Wholesale offer are great and far better than alternative solutions in the market. This adds real margin for us and really benefits our end customers too.