Frequently Asked Questions - IP Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SIP Trunk?

A SIP Trunk is a cost effective means of connecting a phone system to the outside world to make and receive telephone calls using an internet connection, whilst providing features and benefits that compliment the existing features of the phone system.

Is a SIP Trunk reliable?

truSIP have invested heavily in a multi-homed, carrier neutral network located across multiple, independent, facilities. We are interconnected with multiple household name carriers to ensure that our customers calls are of the best quality and are not effected by any individual carrier experiencing problems.

Do the PBXs I sell support SIP Trunks?

Nearly all PBXs currently available either come with SIP capabilities or an add-on expansion can be slotted in. Common models include NEC SL1100 & SV9100, Toshiba CIX Series, and all Mitel systems. Our trunks also work with Panasonic, Siemans, Samsung, 3CX and all other SIP compliant systems.

What features are available?

SIP Trunks give many bolt on and additional features to the traditional features. These include, call recording in the cloud, queuing in the cloud, MI statistics, mobile app (BYOD) functionality, online portal access, disaster recovery and much more.

What pre-requisites are there?

Just a compatible phone system. We can provide everything needed as a complete package for ease of management and support, including dedicated or shared xDSL and the underlying analogue line. Alternatively you can use an existing internet connection (VPN router may be required).

Can my customers’ keep their phone numbers?

Yes. We can port existing incoming telephone numbers from nearly all UK networks.

How long does it take to setup?

SIP Trunks are live within 60 minutes of placing an order.

How do I place an order?

You will have access to our easy to use reseller portal within which all orders are placed, tracked and managed.

How do I manage my customers?

Our reseller portal is an intuitive central management tool to manage all aspects about your customers, including credit limits, billing, and subscriptions.

Are SIP Trunks protected?

It is no lie that the telecommunications industry is a target for fraud. This is why we have invested heavily in anti-fraud detecting and monitoring. Our secure network protects against remote attacks and our optional TruProtect Plus indemnifies you against fraud up to £2,500 for any breaches of the PBX or otherwise.

How do I bill my customers?

We provide CDR (Call Description Records) and SDR (Service Description Records) in the industry standard FCS v3 format. These are generated within the reseller portal and ready to load into any billing platform to produce individual bills for your customers. You can generate these yourself from within the portal.

How do my customers access their call recordings?

Our end user portal is fully white-labelled and this is branded up for free with your logo and colour scheme. Customers can search for calls in an easy to use and friendly manner and download call recordings at the click of a button in MP3 format.

Can I get new phone numbers?

We can provide UK geographic telephone numbers in 99% of STD codes. These are requested via our portal and are live within minutes.

Can I migrate existing SIP Trunks to truSIP?

We have migrated existing trunks from many other carriers and you will have a dedicated contact to help you through any migrations.

What if my customer moves premises?

No problem. A great advantage of SIP Trunks is that we can provide service at any location with a suitable internet connection. This does not have to be within the same exchange area or STD code of your customers phone numbers. This makes premises moves easy and stress free... Simply pick up the PBX, move it, and plug it in at the new location and calls will continue seamlessly.

What if my customer has multiple sites?

As long as both PBXs are SIP enabled your customer can take advantage of free inter-site calls, including transferring between sites and cloud based ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) between the sites based on a number pre-determined distribution rules.

What extra equipment is required?

SIP Trunks only require an internet connection with a compatible broadband router. Most business grade routers work out of the box but we can supply supported hardware at wholesale rates if required.

Are there any hidden charges?

Nobody likes setup fees or hidden charges. Therefore all of our packages have been designed to be as clear and include as many features as possible without an extra charge. Please contact us for more information.