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Swip App

Our revolutionary smartphone app allows your customers to remain a seamless extension of their office phone system wherever they are. It can also allow them to use their mobile as a virtual phone system with record, hold and transfer features as well as instant messaging and more. This solution brings together the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in mobile communications with remote working in fixed line telecoms as well as Instant Messenger to provide your customers with full Unified Communications (UC).

The benefits of SWiP


Hosted PBX

Swip App

Hosted telephony at its best or A fully managed hosted telephony service

From our extensive market research of the channel and our own experience it became very apparent that resellers are frustrated with their incumbent hosted network service providers for the following reasons:

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IP Wholesale delivers a service to the reseller that is simple to order, simple to brand, simple to price and is flexible so the reseller can make good margin and is supported 24×7 by the IPW team. IP Wholesale offers a fully white labelled, class leading, hosted telephony service which has been designed purely with the channel in mind. The service is operated by our state-of-the-art network which is spanned across multiple data centres within the UK and is fully resilient and robust and carrier grade. The network is not internet facing and is backed up across multiple sites.

IP Wholesale bundle a complete online management and ordering portal where you can diversely manage end user accounts.

The hosted telephony service comprises of everything you would expect of a modern system, and more.

For the dealer, or larger reseller, access to a white labelled aggregator portal is provided where you can manage resellers of your own. Your resellers in turn have access to our reseller portal and their end users have access to the end user portal which is completely branded as you, your reseller or the end customer, depending on what you choose. The entire service has been designed such that IP Wholesale remain transparent at every stage.

The Reseller portal has been designed with ease-of-use as a core principle. Everything from ordering a new phone system, getting a real online quote, making changes to your customers' existing features and set up, fault management or raising tickets is simple and can be accessed anywhere in the world from any web device. End Users can be created, updated and orders raised and modified at the click of a button. Live order status monitoring ensures that you are able to keep your customer updated at every stage with accurate real time information.

Fraud is becoming an increasing concern within the industry and so our system has in-built fraud detection which will alert you to unusual spending patterns. You can also set an internal credit limit for your customers which will limit their ability to make outbound calls if fraud is suspected or this limit is reached. The physical phone system is not exposed to the public internet in any way so this mitigates any remote hacking attempts. Customers will have peace of mind that none of the telephone calls traverse the internet, as all connections on-site are private links directly into our data centres. These are not simply encrypted VPN tunnels which some providers use, as a VPN tunnel is still exposed to the internet.

Active fault monitoring builds a profile of all links to customer sites and helps to spot and fix problems before they develop into service affecting faults.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

If your customer already has an existing SIP compliant telephone system and would like to benefit from our network level features (for example, off site call recording, DDI reporting and anti-fraud systems) and potentially lower call costs then they should consider a SIP Trunk.

A SIP Trunk can be instantly ordered directly from the Reseller Control Panel and can be live, routing traffic within 60 minutes.



SIP Trunks

High availability, high speed and great value for money

IPW provide a variety of Broadband products and Leased Lines for use in conjunction with its Hosted IP telephony. These are highly competitive and focus on five main areas: providing high availability, security, offering high speed links, voice QOS (Quality of Service) and value for money.

We provide a fully managed service and can also provide the reseller with fully connectivity live diagnostics as part of our service allowing the reseller to identify traffic and bandwidth trends on behalf of their customer base.

As our network is not internet facing by taking one of our tail circuits as well as the IP Telephone system, resellers can be assured of a direct link straight into the network. If a reseller does not use IPW’s connectivity then we can provide VPN boxes to route a VPN tunnel to our network instead.