Oliver Woods - Operations Director

Oliver Woods



Oliver Woods has over 10 years of personal experience within the telecommunications sector. Oliver started his career as a reseller of Non-Geographic Numbering, and then decided to use his existing IT infrastructure and network management skills and combine the two co-founding IP Base Ltd together with Richard Wilkinson.

Oliver then created a team and worked together with James and others to build a highly resilient network based predominantly in Manchester which is where the technical team are located.

James Munro became a Customer of Oliver’s in early 2002 and has worked with Oliver ever since.

In early 2014 Oliver together with James and Richard decided to establish IP Wholesale. Oliver has an extensive knowledge of security enabled VPNs, network management, Cisco networks and Cisco voice solutions as well as high availability infrastructures, DNS and storage management and routing/switching.

Outside of work Oliver enjoys developing new technologies, and going to the gym.